The Christian Academy provides biblical teaching and values, problem solving skills, and academic continuity throughout a young person’s formative years. Our curriculum is designed to engage students in the learning process, build relationships, and achieve academic excellence through Kingdom education. We employ a phonetic-based reading program, distinctly Christian social studies and science curricula, competitive athletic programs, a range of fine arts courses, and community service projects to provide a well-rounded student life experience. 

Our students consistently achieve exceptional test scores above state and national averages and acceptances to impressive colleges of their choice. Moreover, the 35 students who graduated in 2012 were awarded over 1.38 million dollars in scholarship offers; the 24 graduates in 2013 were awarded 1.18 million dollars in scholarship offers; and in 2014 our 23 graduates were awarded 3.1 million dollars in scholarship offers. Since our inception, the Christian Academy has graduated approximately 350 students and our alumni are involved in all aspects of ministry, business, government, and education.