We are three local families who wanted to build a car wash that offers more to our community. Several years ago, I moved with my wife and kids to New Braunfels to practice medicine. To bring the kids’ grandparents nearby, my father, Benny (aka Papa), and I decided to create a new family business together. Caring for cars has always been a tradition with my family, who has run an automotive electrical shop outside Dallas for over 40 years. With this history in mind, we were particularly inspired by the many technological advances in the car wash industry that have taken place in the last several years. With the additional help of a very close family friend, Keith Wing, we decided to move forward and build a car wash with a firm mission in mind: to provide the most efficient, highest quality car wash while conserving water, using earth-friendly soaps, and offering an unparalleled experience to our community.

We all live here, work here, and raise our kids here. Our families and this community play a very important role in how we run this business. Our hope is to reflect our love for others and our love for Christ as we operate this business.